Proven Attorneys for a Range of Legal Challenges

We are not a corporate law firm, although we often handle business matters. Nor are we a single-lawyer practice compelled to try and make your situation fit a narrow view of what we have done in the past. Instead, our founding attorney Thomas W. Hall Jr. has built a practice driven by the real, practical needs of the people of the Mount Pleasant, Michigan, area.

Mr. Hall, along with experienced lawyer Becky J. Bolles, each have their own strengths, and are determined to help you find the best legal solutions to tough problems. From a divorce that may be amicable but involves important property division issues, to an unavoidable business dispute, we strive to be a premier legal resource.

We understand the importance of estate matters, issues involving Indian tribal law, and other issues unique to your family. Our accomplishments and credentials are extensive. Please follow the links below for more information on our individual backgrounds and community involvement. For the legal help you need today, please contact our office.